The Fine Print

This agreement is not valid until both the vendor and the Juneteenth Committee representative sign and date this page of the agreement. Food Truck Vendor agrees to the following:

  • Food Truck Vendor will pay a fee of $65 for  food /truck vendors at “The southeast Juneteenth Festival ” on June 17, 2023
  • Food Truck Vendor will provide quality food products and a food truck that is staffed by clean, professional, and courteous personnel.
  • Vendors must follow all rules set forth in the ‘Guidelines for Temporary Events’ produced by the Attleboro Health Department (and are solely responsible for meeting all requirements. Inspectors WILL be on site to inspect vendors.
  • Vendors who do not have an annual license must apply for and purchase a temporary on-site event license through Attleboro Health Dept. For a copy of their requirements & guidelines, contact the

Attleboro Health Department 77 Park St, Attleboro, MA 02703 · (508) 223-2222

Temporary food License Click Here

  • Vendors possessing a license to sell food in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts must bring their license to the event as proof for the Attleboro Health inspector.
  • Vendors must bring their driver’s license as proof of identification.
  • The vendor agrees to indemnify fully and hold harmless the AJC & NBDM its officers, employees, and agents against all damage claims, liabilities, and causes of action of every kind and nature.
  • The vendor will comply with all health and fire permits, where applicable, at their own expense.
  • The vendor is responsible for keeping the food area attractive before, during, and after the festival.
  • The vendor will insure that grease and abrasives will not be disposed of on event property except in designated garbage dumpsters.

Grease/ Trash: Food vendors need to provide a ground cover inside their booth and cooking area for the absorption of grease. No food vendor will be allowed to open for business if the ground cover is not in place. No grease or gray waste is to be poured onto the ground or down any drains

  • The vendor will insure the food truck has prices, including sales tax, posted which will be visible to the public in signage that is professional in appearance and size.
  • The vendor will insure that the food truck will be staffed and open the entire length of the festival.
  • Vendor and their employees shall use every measure to protect the festival sites from all damages. The vendor shall be responsible for damage caused by him or her to buildings and grounds.
    • The vendor will remove all trash in the immediate food area during set up and breakdown. Trash receptacles in food areas cannot be used for discarding food, grease, or other waste materials. Garbage dumpsters are provided for your use. No trash is allowed to be left in the food area after the breakdown.
    • Set up begins at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday. Food items need to be available by 11:00 a.m.

    Breakdown and removal of food trucks must be completed immediately after the festival.

    • Plastic gloves shall be worn by all persons handling food. No contact with money shall be allowed by persons handling food.
    • In order to ensure a variety of food offerings, and reduce duplication, VENDOR MAY SELL UP TO 5 MENU ITEMS AND NOT MORE. Drinks will be considered a category rather than an item, so if you choose to sell drinks the whole variety of them will only count as one of your 5 menu items.


    • Failure to meet requirements may lead to removal from the event and no refunds will be provided.
    • All appropriate Fire Extinguisher equipment must be on-site at your booth the entire time period of the event.

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